2020 Stewardship Campaign

As a downtown church, sometimes we might feel overwhelmed by the needs of our neighbors, but I believe we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to share God’s grace and love with others. ”–Tyler Momsen-Hudson

Video post for social mission: First Presbyterian Church is committed to fulfilling Christ’s mission of love and social justice for all. Watch Carl and Lisa Rist’s video here.  

 “I am drawn to First Presbyterian because it is grounded in the reformed faith tradition, and seeks to live out that faith amidst the challenges and opportunities of the present time.”–Bert Clere 

Click here for a video post for inclusion and welcome from Joe and Carlisle Harvard.

In contemplating our stewardship responsibilities, we aim to express our gratitude for all that our downtown church family has meant to us over the years and to provide resources so that good work can continue in the future. ” –Peter and Barbara Fish 

Video post for worship and Christian Education: a special place of reverence, formation and gathering of Christ’s family. Watch Graham Curtis’ video here.

Without the support of the congregation, the Property Committee could not address all of the needs that are required to continue to maintain and allow the Church to host and be home to so many groups and be a beacon of God’s love and hope in Durham. ” –Chris Brown

I believe in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. Think globally, act locally! Be something greater than yourself and leave a lasting impression on others.— Tony Chavez

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